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VP Tajani: we need an action plan for the fashion and high-end industries

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Vice President Tajani met with representatives of the fashion and high-end industries last week in Paris to discuss the main obstacles that these sectors are facing and ways to overcome them.

If industry is the foundation of the European economy, then fashion is one of its most important building blocks. Supporting more than 850 000 companies and 5 million jobs, it accounts for 3 % of the EU's GDP. Furthermore, Europe's high-end products, account for 10 % of total EU exports and provide one million direct jobs. Bolstering long-term competitiveness of the fashion and high-end industries is important for overall economic recovery in Europe and this is why this sector has been very high on the agenda of European Commission Vice-President Antonio Tajani, Commissioner for Industry and Entrepreneurship. 

On November 6th and 7th the Vice President met with high-level representatives of the fashion and high-end industries in Paris to talk about the main challenges that this industry is currently facing and ways to overcome them. The main topics were the importance of strengthening EU industrial policy; the protection of intellectual property rights and the fight against counterfeit products; and ways to improve access to finance for fashion SMEs. More importantly, the meetings prepared the groundwork for the conference in London on December 3rd, where an action plan to kick-start these sectors will be adopted.

Photo courtesy of: Comite Colbert

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