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Participation in the technical and scientific review on the safety aspects of the use of refrigerant 1234yf on MAC systems Uverejnené dňa:: 06/11/2013, Posledná aktualizácia: 12/12/2013

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Call for expression of interest: Participation in the working group on safety aspects of the use of refrigerant 1234yf on MAC systems.


Directive 2006/40/EC on mobile air conditioning (MAC) bans, de facto, the use of current refrigerant R134a in newly type-approved vehicles because of its impact on Climate Change. The automotive manufacturers have decided, in 2009, the use of refrigerant HFO 1234yf as the technical solution to comply with the Directive's targets.

However, on 25 September 2012, one automotive manufacturer announced that in-house testing procedures carried out in the summer of 2012 indicated a safety problem in the use of the abovementioned refrigerant HFO 1234yf in some of its vehicles.

In view of these statements on the safety of the new refrigerant, the KBA (German type-approval and market surveillance authority) and the German Ministry of Transports launched an enhanced analysis of the risks involved in the use of refrigerant R1234yf in mobile air-conditioning systems. The final report has been submitted to the European Commission on the 31st October 2013.

In the current market situation, the European Commission was requested to provide clarity about the testing plans, procedures and results of the enhanced analysis of the risks involved in the use of refrigerant R1234yf in mobile air-conditioning systems carried out by KBA.  It was considered that this could best be achieved through a technical and scientific review, by the JRC, of the KBA testing procedures, considering also the risk assessment performed by the SAE (review of 2012/2013) and other testing procedures developed by the suppliers, manufacturers and associations.

Call for stakeholder input:

The JRC will hold discussions with relevant stakeholders during the review. This consultation process is essential to provide for transparency and confidence in the process, but does not entail the approval by the stakeholders of the JRC report.

Therefore, on behalf of the European Commission, DG ENTR and the JRC request industry stakeholders and institutions which have undergone relevant testing procedures and risk assessments and may provide further information useful for the process, to participate in this process and communicate the relevant information available.

The interested stakeholders should be ready to participate in three technical meetings on

  • 20 November (Brussels),
  • 11 December (Brussels) and
  • (Attention: new date): 24 January 2014 (Ispra).

These meetings will have a purely scientific/technical character. Participants should contribute with technical expertise to the discussions. There may be limitations to participation due to the capacity of the meeting rooms.

If you would like to participate and/or need further information, please send an e-mail to Alexandra Sá Carvalho,

For registration, the following details are needed for security reasons: full name, date of birth and nationality.

This invitation will close on 15 November 2013.