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Belgium is testing Galileo's PRS signals and comes on Flemish TV channel VRT Zveřejněno:: 17/10/2013, Poslední aktualizace: 19/10/2013

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Belgium is testing Galileo's PRS signals and comes on Flemish TV channel VRT

On October 16th, the Belgian Flemish TV channel "VRT" made a report on how the testing of the Public Regulated Signals (PRS) of Galileo was conducted in Belgium. It also depicts how SME's can already benefit of this new business opportunity.

In this 2'30" reportage, the focus is placed on Galileo's already excellent performance and accuracy, considering that only 4 satellites are operational now for testing and demonstration purposes.

Some temporary equipments are reported to have been installed at various place's in Europe's capital Brussels in order to receive and assess the PRS signals.

Belgian officials report on their experience and their expertise with the PRS.

A coverage is made of the activities of a Belgian SME involved in the Satellite navigation business, describing how well-placed SME's are to take an active role in the development of highly advanced technologies using the Galileo functionalities, in order to secure their share of a new market estimated to 200 billions Euros.

The reports ends on the preparation of the Belgian "Leopold I" military ship that will be heading to the Arctic Circle by the end of 2013 to assess possible interferences of radar or telecom equipment with Galileo's signals.

Galileo :
Galileo is the name of the European Satellite Navigation programme

PRS : Public Regulated Service.
The PRS is an encrypted service designed for greater robustness and assured availability. The signal will be resistant to unintentional interference, malicious jamming, spoofing and meaconing. PRS applications will be used by emergency services, critical transportation, energy or telecom and defence purposes.

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