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Framework contract - Studies in the areas of European Competitiveness (ENTR/300/PP/2013/FC)

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The object of the present call for tenders is to conclude a framework service contract in cascade for the production of background studies as well as other reports and analyses concerning the competitiveness of the European economies.

They will be used mainly but not exclusively for the preparation of the annual European Competitiveness Report.

This call for tenders aims to select a maximum of 3 contractors capable of performing the tasks described in the specifications. The task is to provide a number of written background studies to the Commission concerning the competitiveness of the European economies, to be used mainly for the preparation of the Commission's annual European Competitiveness Report. The objective of the European Competitiveness Report is to provide analytical input to the policy debate around competitiveness in order to promote a common understanding of the issues, and to underpin proposals and recommendations regarding the Europe 2020 strategy and future enterprise policy.

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