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High Level Group learns about large-scale demonstrators and ESIC Published on: 05/10/2013

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In view of advising the forthcoming EU Commission, the Commission services have established a number of High Level Groups to reflect the most topical policy issues. The High Level Group on business services (HLG) was inaugurated by European Commission Vice-President Antonio Tajani and Commissioner Michel Barnier on  March 2013.

The purpose of the HLG is to help policy makers better understand the current challenges in the service sector and to identify ways to improve the level of productivity and innovation of business-services. The group is expected to deliver concrete recommendations which can guide the further development of policies for business services. The HLG specifically will look at the link between business services and manufacturing.

The High Level Group on Business Services and its working group on innovation, with Professor Marja Toivonen as a chair, is currently drafting alternative scenarios for the Service Innovation development in Europe. One of those scenarios addresses the systemic nature of services.

In the Working Group meeting on 17th September in Brussels, the concept of Large-Scale Demonstrators and ESIC as an experimental implementation model, were presented to the HLG. Now that the first version of ESIS Scoreboard on Service Innovation is nearly finished, ESIC can bring about hard evidence on service innovation status of European regions. Equally, the ESIC Self-assessment tool (SAT) provided the group one practical example for analysing the role and impact of service innovation in industrial transformation of regions. The HLG is about to finish its interim report and the ESIC lessons will be reflected also in the report. The aims and activities of ESIC will support the observations and recommendations made by the HGL, and vice versa.