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The European Space Expo comes to Tallinn (Estonia) ! Offentliggjort den: 25/09/2013, Seneste opdatering: 24/09/2013

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Sted: European Space Expo Dome
Vabadusa Square - Tallinn - (Estonia)
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The European Space Expo comes to Tallinn (Estonia) !

The European Commission has launched the European Space Expo, a free interactive exhibition that illustrates the services and applications derived from the major European space programmes in the domains of satellite navigation (Galileo and Egnos) and Earth observation (Copernicus).

The Expo is showing how space and its applications provide benefits to Europe’s citizens and highlighting the critical role of the European Union in space and space-based technologies, which are expected to create global market opportunities and help to support job creation and economic growth..

This exhibition has already been deployed in several European cities.

After stopovers in Copenhagen, Toulouse, Helsinki, Brussels, Vienna, Larnaca (Cyprus), London, Madrid, Budapest, Hannover, Warsaw, Bratislava, Dublin, Rome and Vilnius, the Space Expo will soon be visiting Tallinn.

With interactive and static displays, visitors can learn about the wide range of innovative technologies that space offers them.