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Galileo secure service (PRS) tested by Member States (© ESA)

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EU Member States have begun their independent testing of the most accurate and secure signal broadcast by the four Galileo navigation satellites in orbit.

Galileo secure service (PRS) tested by Member States (© ESA)

Transmitted on two frequency bands with enhanced protection, the Public Regulated Service (PRS) offers a highly accurate positioning and timing service, with access strictly restricted to authorised users.

(...) PRS access was initially considered for Galileo’s Full Operational Capability phase, but it has been enabled in 2013 in response to the strong interest of Member States in this service.

To allow early access to PRS during the current phase, the European Commission and ESA began the joint project ‘PRS Participants To IOV’ (PPTI) in July 2012. [..]

ESA : ESA is the acronym of the European Space Agency

Galileo : Galileo is the name of the European Satellite Navigation programme



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