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Galileo satellite program makes progress

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The European Commission and the European Space Agency confirmed the availability of Galileo's first services by the end of 2014 or beginning of 2015.

On Wednesday 4 September the European Commission Vice President, Antonio Tajani, responsible for industry and entrepreneurship, and Jean-Jacques Dordain, Director General of the European Space Agency, met to discuss the Galileo satellite program. Their discussions focused on the deployment of the Galileo satellite navigation infrastructure and delivery of the positioning service.

Mr Dordain informed Vice President Tajani about the latest developments and confirmed the availability of the first services by the end of 2014 or beginning of 2015. This good news follows on from the positive results already achieved in July in Fucino, Italy, during a demonstration of the technical capabilities of the system using the four satellites already in orbit.

Vice President Tajani expressed his satisfaction with the steps that have been taken. The Commission:

  • set up the financial and governance framework for activities from 2014 to 2020;
  • established the GNSS Agency in Prague and the service center in Madrid, together with other ground-based infrastructure elements essential for the provision of services;
  • is preparing the future legal framework for satellite navigation applications, in close consultation with the receiver manufacturers;

At international level, the United States submitted a request to be able to use Galileo's "PRS" (public regulated service access). Other non-EU countries also expressed a desire to be associated with the program.

The European Space Agency is working to provide services before 2020, when the constellation will be fully deployed. However, in view of technical difficulties encountered by the the satellite manufacturer, OHB-System, Vice President Tajani asked Mr Dordain to present a revised deployment and service timetable, by 3 October 2013.


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