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CARS 2020 Public Hearing - 14 February 2014 Veröffentlicht am: 03/09/2013, Letzte Aktualisierung: 20/03/2014

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Datum der Veranstaltung: 14/02 > 14/02/2014
Ort: Auditorium, Breydel Building
Avenue d'Auderghem 45 - 1000 Brussels - (Belgium)
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A public hearing on the implementation of the CARS 2020 Action Plan takes place on 14 February 2014 in Brussels (10.00 – 13.00).

By means of this public hearing the Commission seeks to engage sector stakeholders and report on the progress implementing the Action Plan commitments taken by the Commission, including the work of the various Working Groups pertinent to the interest of the European automotive sector..

In addition, the event will provide an opportunity to discuss any other aspects of the policy that may further contribute to the preparation of the Final report that the Commission services intend to present for adoption during the High Level Group meeting in March 2014.

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