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Sourcing Industry's fundamental ingredients: progress in the Raw Materials Initiative

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Securing reliable and undistorted access to raw materials is an important factor for the EU's competitiveness. A new report on the implementation of the EU's Raw Materials Initiative describes recent progress in this area.

Raw materials are the basis of industry. No manufacturer can remain competitive without fair access to the fundamental elements which make up their final products. Europe has been at the helm of the industrial revolution and remains a top industrial power, but sits on limited deposits of raw materials. To maintain Europe's industrial competitiveness it is therefore necessary to guarantee supplies of a wide range of raw materials from non-EU countries.

Raw Materials Initiative

In 2008 the Commission introduced the Raw Materials Initiative. It aims to ensure a level playing field in access to resources in non-EU countries, better framework conditions for extracting raw materials within the EU and a reduced consumption of primary raw materials by increasing resource efficiency and promoting recycling.


This report presents the current state of play of the implementation of the Raw Materials Initiative and provides an overview of its activities. It emphasises the joint interest for the EU and non-EU countries rich in raw materials to work in partnership. Eight themes are explored:

  1.  Identifying critical raw materials
  2.  Potential for stockpiling
  3.  European Innovation Partnership in Raw Materials
  4.  Fair and sustainable supply from global markets
  5.  Development Policy
  6.  Sustainable supply from within the EU
  7.  Resource efficiency and recycling

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