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ENTR/257/PP/ENT/STA/13/1215 - Standardisation of local augmentation systems for Galileo Opublikowano w dniu : 13/08/2013

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ENTR/257/PP/ENT/STA/13/1215 - Standardisation of local augmentation systems for Galileo

The object of the contract is the provision of support to the standardisation process of local elements augmenting Galileo and of the provision of support in view of their adoption in identified applications.

The activities to be performed shall consist in the development of standards for local Galileo augmentation systems in several different applications.

The standards will serve various user communities relying on such solutions currently augmenting GPS.

The work shall include identification of standardization needs and development/update of high priority standards to augment Galileo, identification of areas where additional standards for Galileo local augmentations is desirable and coordination and review of the standards by the key actors in the identified domains and by the relevant standardisation fora.

The applications identified are:

  • maritime transport, inland waterways and offshore oil platform;
  • aviation;
  • land management.


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