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Study on privacy and data protection issues related to the use of civil RPAS

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The increased use of RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems) that will result from their progressive integration into airspace may raise serious and unique privacy and data protection concerns and reduce the overall benefits of this innovative technology.

In order to define appropriate measures to address privacy and data protection issues, the study will:

  1. investigate the privacy risks related to the utilisation of RPAS by governmental, commercial and private users for different types of civil applications (surveillance, infrastructure monitoring, etc.);
  2. analyse the current national data protection regimes (in particular video surveillance) and their relevance to RPAS applications; analyse the impact of the proposed EU regulation;
  3. investigate the current status of the RPAS privacy question within all the national data protection authorities and civil aviation authorities;
  4. make recommendation on how to address privacy issues.

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