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Tempered growth for European tourism in the 2013 pre-Summer period Arna fhoilsiú an : 06/08/2013

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According to the latest quarterly report from the European Travel Commission, out of 22 destinations reporting foreign visitors’ figures through March-June of 2013, the vast majority posted positive growth.

The report of the European Travel Commission points on a diversification of European tourism destinations and the emergence of smaller destinations : Iceland and Slovakia stage the strongest performance with an increase of foreign arrivals of 30 percent and 20 percent respectively. Montenegro, Latvia and Croatia follow with a growth around 9 percent, Hungary and Poland with a growth of 7 percent.

Overall data paint a positive picture for outbound travel from intra-European markets. After a few years of weak demand, most destinations report growth from the French and UK markets. Outbound travel from Germany remains solid, though last year’s bright performance makes current growth rates look modest.

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