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The Technical Committee on Motor Vehicles supports the European Commission approach to the MAC affair Gepubliceerd op: 18/07/2013

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The Technical Committee on Motor Vehicles reached general consensus that an effective solution on the MAC issue needs to be found.

The Technical Committee on Motor Vehicles met on 17th July in a very constructive and positive atmosphere. The European Commission and the competent authorities of the 28 Member States discussed the current situation regarding the implementation of Directive 2006/40/EC on mobile air conditioning (MAC Directive)

There was a general consensus that, within their respective responsibilities,
the national authorities and the vehicle manufacturers will have to find
effective solutions to ensure the safety of European citizens, the achievement
of the climate objectives of the Directive, and the good functioning of and fair
competition in the internal market, in full respect of the requirements of the
EU legal framework.

Member States acknowledged that, regarding the vehicles which are do not conform to EU law, corrective measures shall be taken to bring the vehicles in conformity including the withdrawal of those non-conforming vehicles already sold on the market, as has already been done by a Member State.

The European Commission is committed to continue discussions with Member States in the coming weeks with a view to finding appropriate solutions.

More information: MEMO/13/689

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