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Industrial Renaissance - Antonio Tajani and Maroš Šefčovič in Slovakia Publicēts: 10/07/2013

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On Tuesday 9 July 2013 European Commission Vice-Presidents Antonio Tajani and Maroš Šefčovič discussed the importance of industry for Slovakia.

First of all, the Vice-Presidents draw attention to the state of Slovakia’s economy and unemployment numbers, pointing out that industry is the base of economy which is important especially in the time of crises.

Since the beginning of the crisis, Slovakia has lost 70,000 jobs, with its unemployment rate reaching 14%. Slovakia’s industry is strong and therefore the crisis did not hit the country so hard as some other member states.

Attention is drawn to areas which need to be improved to maintain Slovakia's competitiveness, such as energy-efficiency in industry, investments in research and development, unleashing the country's innovation potential and improvement of public administration efficiency.

Mr Tajani and Mr Šefčovič also mentioned some of the legislative changes the Commission has pushed through to help entrepreneurs and SMEs.