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Kick-starting regional transformation through service innovation Публикувано на: 26/06/2013

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ESIC is driven by the idea that changes in current industrial structures and business models in a region do not happen by sticking to a narrow sectoral perspective, but rather by taking a system-wide, cross-sectoral approach that places service innovation at the core of regional development strategies.

A major part of the European Service Innovation Centre’s initial work with the regions is being concentrated on solving the following puzzle: how do we define a systemic approach to, and an ideal policy framework for, capitalising on service innovation at regional level?

To find the elusive answer ESIC is developing a Self-Assessment Tool (SAT), that will offer a method of evaluating five basic dimensions of a yet to be proven ‘ideal mix’ of policies, namely:

  • Entrepreneurial activities;
  • Knowledge creation and transfer;
  • Innovation and business model generation;
  • Financing innovation and growth;
  • Collaborating and networking.

The SAT questionnaire will guide the regions through a process of reflection on the design and effectiveness of their regional innovation policies, based on a scoring system. This will enable the regions and the ESIC team to rate the extent to which the regional efforts match the ideal holistic approach to re-structuring current, and creating new, value chains in the region, and to identifying needs for further policy development.

The pilot regions will also contribute to refining the SAT methodology and evaluating the tool. This will lead to a better understanding of the systemic approach and its use in testing the regional policy frameworks. Once the regional responses are collected and incorporated, the SAT will become the instrument that will be applied to the in-depth assessment of the regional service innovation policy framework in the next phases of ESIC’s work.