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The European Service Innovation Scoreboard Offentliggjort den: 26/06/2013, Seneste opdatering: 04/07/2013

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Service innovation can accelerate productivity growth and transform industries. As a result, service innovation is seen as a driver of structural change. The European Service Innovation Scoreboard (ESIS) will provide the European Service Innovation Centre’s measurement framework that relates service innovation to structural change at the regional level. ESIS will use a wide range of indicators to analyse the empirical relationship between service innovation and this structural change.

The ESIS indicators will focus on different aspects including measuring service innovation inputs such as innovation expenditures and educational attainment, throughputs like the share of firms that have introduced different types of innovation into products and organisational structures, outputs including the share of ‘service innovation intensive industries’ and outcomes. The latter captures structural change, as measured by changes in the employment shares in particular industries, such as knowledge-intensive business services.

ESIS will draw on different statistical data sources, including the Community Innovation Survey. As regional data is not available for many indicators, this data will be estimated by ‘regionalising’ national level data.

ESIS will provide a statistical profile of each of the model demonstrator regions and all the other regions in the EU27. In the case of each indicator, the performance of the demonstrator regions will be compared to the performance of all the other regions in the EU27. These profiles will demonstrate the relative strengths and weaknesses of the regions and highlight potential areas for the introduction of new policies aimed at improving the impact of service innovation. The first version of ESIS is expected to be published in September 2013.