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Study to assess the impact of possible legislation to increase transparency on nanomaterials on the market

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The objective of this open call for tenders is to assist the Commission in the preparation of an Impact Assessment to identify and to develop the most adequate means to increase the transparency and to ensure the regulatory oversight for nanomaterials on the market ('nano-registry').

This call for tenders responds directly to the announcement made in the communication from the Commission on the Second Regulatory Review on Nanomaterials (adopted on 3 October 2012) about the intention from the Commission to the launch an Impact Assessment that would 'include those nanomaterials currently falling outside existing notification, registration or authorisation schemes'. This work should consider a register of nanomaterials and/or products containing nanomaterials in parallel to the existing REACH and CLP obligations.
The successful contractor will gather relevant data needed for the Impact Assessment, such as and not limited to: the costs and administrative burden of possible registration obligations to companies, the possible effects on competitiveness, the possible effects of discouraging innovation in Europe, and the potential benefits for consumers and policy makers.


All tendering documents relating to DG Enterprise are published through a Commission-wide unique platform called "eTendering". Consequently, the tendering documents are not published here any more.
On "eTendering", you will be able to ask questions and you will be informed automatically on all changes that may be published (additional documents, answers to questions...)

If you are interested in this call, please use this link to get access to all tender documents.

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