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Study: Sector Overview and Competitiveness Survey of the Railway Supply Industry Pubblicato il: 12/06/2013

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The railway sector can be seen as the sum of three types of actors: infrastructure managers, operators and manufacturers (i.e. the railway supply industry).

The railway supply industry (RSI) encompasses the manufacture of locomotives, rolling stock, track, electrification, signalling and telecommunication equipment. Services for maintenance and parts are also included.

The European railway supply industry covers high speed, conventional and urban passenger and freight trains.

The European rail manufacturers are the major suppliers for the railway market not only in Europe but also at global level, since they are the leaders in terms of manufacture of rolling stock, signalling and safety equipment and infrastructure.

Within the Framework Contract of Sectoral Competitiveness Studies, Ecorys has carried out a study for DG Enterprise and Industry on the competitive position of the railway supply industry and its future challenges.

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