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ENTR/269/PP/ENT/ADM/13/7037 - Contract for monitoring the GNSS patenting activity Avaldatud: 06/06/2013, Viimati muudetud: 11/06/2013

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ENTR/269/PP/ENT/ADM/13/7037 - Contract for monitoring the GNSS patenting activity

This contract aims at measuring over time the innovative and technological performance of EU GNSS Industry by setting up and performing the monitoring of its patenting activity vis-à-vis the world competitors in the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) related categories.

By measuring applications and grants of patents in the relevant categories and sub-categories, the consequent economic trends shall be also identified (i.e. financial impact of the patenting activity).
The objective of this activity is to track the innovative activities of EU GNSS industry, profile it and measure its gaining/losing technological advantage (as measured by the patenting activity) vis-à-vis the world competitors. The quantitative evidence provided by the patents data and companies’ financial data is the key element to achieve this objective.


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