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Introduction to Chinese business legislation to facilitate SMEs' initial orientation Published on: 04/06/2013

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Accurate information on legal requirements is one of the crucial conditions for qualified decision making in any business. Practical application of Chinese legislation, as in any other legal system, requires professional legal assistance.

However, an introduction to elementary laws on foreign investment and foreign trade can facilitate SMEs' initial orientation on requirements for entry to the Chinese market and can be helpful when formulating the scope of services and during negotiations with a legal advisor.

The EU SME Centre has gathered about 40 laws and regulations and created an easily accessible and user-friendly law database which contains a selection of laws and regulations covering seven important areas relevant to doing business in China: foreign investment, cross border trade, foreign exchange, tax, labour, visa policy, and franchising.

This law database is a complementary source of information to the guidelines published by the Centre on the website and provides a first impression of Chinese legislation in relevant areas. In no case does it constitute a full list of legislation covering the mentioned topics, and professional advice either through consultation with a Centre expert or another qualified legal professional should be sought in each individual case.

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