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China IPR SME Helpdesk seminar, ‘2013 Asia-EU Matchmaking Event’ Publicat la data de: 22/05/2013, Ultima actualizare: 29/05/2013

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Data evenimentului: 21/05 > 23/05/2013
Locul de desfăşurare: Hunan Hotel
Beijing - (China)
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The China IPR SME Helpdesk will provide a presentation about the IP landscape in China during the ‘2013 Asia-EU Matchmaking Event’.

This event is organised by the Enterprise Europe Network, and provides opportunities for European companies to meet potential business partners from China’s Hunan province. In addition to the Helpdesk’s presentation, the event will feature presentations made by the EU SME Centre.

10.00am Tuesday 21 May 2013 - 5.00pm Thursday 23 May 2013

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