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Export Helpdesk: A one-stop-shop to inform business in developing countries

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The Export Helpdesk is a one-stop-shop to inform business in developing countries on how to export to the EU. <br/>

Just in a few clicks you can find the EU requirements, taxes, tariffs, preferential arrangements, rules of origin and statistics applying to your case.

The revised version will significantly improve both usability and content. Exporters will navigate more easily among further information.

Some new features will be:

  • In just  1 click, “My export” will provide the key data applying to your case
  • New pages to understand how the EU trade system is organized
  • Tips & tricks to better understand the EU legislation
  • A section per preferential arrangement, including detailed explanations on its rules & proofs of origin
  • A 3-minute video to visualize how the Export Helpdesk works

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