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European Design Innovation Platform Published on: 24/04/2013

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The objective of this call for proposals is to accelerate the take-up of design in innovation policies at European, national and regional levels and to promote the increased use of design in European industry as well as in the public sector to promote value creation, competitiveness and efficient use of resource.

In particular, emphasis is put on closing the divide between the advanced regions and those lagging behind in applying design-driven innovation

This call for proposals invites applicants to plan and implement a coherent set of actions to boost the adoption of design in innovation policies and to support the creation of capacity and competencies necessary to deliver these policies. This set of actions will be called the European Design Innovation Platform, and fall under the framework of the forthcoming Action Plan for Design-Driven Innovation. (More information on this action plan will be given in 2013 on the website of DG Enterprise and Industry:

All the relevant documents for participating in the call (76/G/ENT/CIP/13/C/N05S00) together with necessary instructions for proceeding with the electronic submission of proposals can be found at the following link:

Only electronic submissions are allowed for this call.

Please note that additional information could be posted on the webpage indicated above during the publication stage of this call for proposals - we encourage you to visit the page regularly.