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An Industrial Renaissance – European Industrial Policy Conference Published on: 19/04/2013, Last update: 26/11/2014

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Event date: 06/06/2013
Location: Brussels - (Belgium)
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This conference followed the 2012 Commission blueprint for raising industry’s contribution to GDP in the EU from 15.2% to 20% by 2020. It examined progress made so far and looked ahead to actions that could bring immediate benefits to help restore industrial growth.


 This conference brought together 400 top political leaders, business people, and industry experts to discuss how to ensure that the European Commission’s new industrial policy will bring growth back to Europe.

The conference, held in Brussels in June 2013, followed the 2012 Communication, ‘A Stronger European Industry for Growth and Economic Recovery’.

Issues discussed were:

  • the future of industry -  the EU needs a strong industrial sector to resist downturns;
  • the need to tackle barriers to growth such as:
    • energy prices
    • skills mismatch
    • limited access to finance
    • unresponsiveness of investments;
  • the need to strengthen EU industrial competitiveness in the global market and improve the coherence of EU policies;
  • how national and EU efforts can maximise the effectiveness of EU interventions;
  • the progress of the industrial policy flagship programme and next steps.


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Photos from the event

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