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New EDAS Service Definition Document released (SDD v2.0) Publicat la data de: 10/04/2013, Ultima actualizare: 11/04/2013

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New EDAS Service Definition Document released (SDD v2.0)

The EC has released a new version of the EDAS Service Definition Document (EDAS SDD).

The document reflects the new services and associated added value that EDAS (EGNOS Data Access Service) will provide to its users. The addition of these new services is the consequence of EC strategy to continuously improve all the EGNOS services .

The Document provides a description of the target EGNOS service, the commitment for the community in terms of performance and the service conditions of use.

The new services that are now available to users are:

  • EDAS FTP Service:  historical data from EGNOS and EDAS can now be downloaded in a variety of standard formats and data rates;
  • EDAS SiSNet Service: EGNOS messages can be provided in real time using the SISNeT protocol (*);
  • EDAS Ntrip service: GNSS data (RTCM format) coming from the EGNOS network and disseminated in real-time in line with the Ntrip protocol;
  • EDAS Data Filtering Service: possibility to access a subset of the Service Level 0 or Level 2 data (set of predefined groups of stations available) at different data rates.

(*) Protocol defined by ESA.

EDAS, the EGNOS Data Access Service, is the third  EGNOS service available to users, after the Open Service and the Safety-of-Life Service. Unlike the other two EGNOS services (SoL and OS), EDAS does not provide its products to the users through the EGNOS Signal-In-Space, but throught Internet.  EDAS services are oriented to users in different domains of application such as Location Based Services (LBS), Assisted-GNSS (A-GNSS) concepts, a broad range of services in professional GNSS markets, and related R&D activities.

EGNOS (the European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service) is the European Satellite-Based Augmentation System (SBAS) that complements the GPS system to improve the accuracy and provides integrity to the signal over most of Europe.
It is Europe's first venture into satellite navigation and a major stepping-stone towards Galileo, Europe's own global satellite navigation system for the future.

ESSP was founded in 2009 by the Air navigation services providers from France (DGAC/DSNA), Germany (DFS), Italy (ENAV)), Portugal (NAV-P), Spain (Aena), Switzerland (skyguide) and UK (NATS) and has for mission the provision of the EGNOS Open Service (OS) and Safety of Life (SoL) Service compliant with ICAO SBAS standards and recommended practices throughout the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) Region.
ESSP is also in charge of the provision of the EDAS Service (EGNOS Data Access Service).