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The comic strip 'All U need is space' helps students discover space Zveřejněno:: 09/04/2013, Poslední aktualizace: 12/04/2013

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Who said that Space is boring and isn’t fun for kids? ‘All U Need Is Space’, the first comic strip from the Enterprise and Industry DG designed to bring young pupils closer to the benefits of space applications, is now available in its English version.

To be used in schools in 24 languages, the comic intends to make pupils understand how space technologies can improve their daily lives and how they can be applied in practical terms.

‘All U Need Is Space’ is about the daily life of a teenage schoolgirl named Elena. Every page contains explanatory boxes with useful information divided into two sections, 'Did you know' and 'What are we doing', which provide the reader with more specialised knowledge. These boxes shed light on how space technology helps with weather forecasts, pollution, rescue operations, remote medical assistance, automated cars, agriculture, climate change and communications amongst other crucial themes. The comic also features a game in every page, which makes the reading more fun and attractive and a list of useful websites has been included at the back of the book for those who want more information.

The booklet will soon be available in 24 languages. You can already download the English version online at  Free hardcopies will also be available soon via the EU Bookshop.

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