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European IPR Helpdesk - Workshop "IP for SMEs and Researchers" Avaldatud: 05/04/2013, Viimati muudetud: 29/05/2013

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Ürituse kuupäev: 16/04/2013
Toimumiskoht: Kingston University, Sopwith Building, Room SB329
Penrhyn Road - Kingston upon Thames - (United Kingdom)
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If you are an SME looking to develop international partnerships, or a Research Organisation involved in FP7/CIP projects, this is your essential introduction to Intellectual Property Rights and the free services available to help you.

The professional management of Intellectual Property (IP) and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) is crucial to make the most of a company’s or project’s innovative potential. During the entire life cycle of an R&D project – from the very first idea, to its execution, right up to the end and beyond, IP matters are always an important issue.
Training sessions on IP and IPR will be provided by experienced staff from the European IPR Helpdesk, an initiative of the European Commission aimed at providing advice and information on IP to beneficiaries of EU-funded research projects and European SMEs involved in transnational technology transfer.

The training session will be split into two parts:

  • General IP issues and IP Rights management
  • IP in EU funded R&D programmes

The day runs from 09:00 to 15:00 and includes a light lunch