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Galileo Masters Competition : EUR 1 Million in Prizes Beckons Innovators Using Satellite Navigation Systems Zveřejněno:: 04/04/2013, Poslední aktualizace: 01/07/2013

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Galileo Masters Competition is open for sign up !

For the 10th time, the European Satellite Navigation Competition (ESNC) is calling for services, products, and business innovations that use satellite navigation in everyday life.

Under the motto "Take the Next Step with Your Business Case", individuals and teams of entrepreneurs from industry, research, and universities can benefit from cooperating with partner regions worldwide and a number of key stakeholders - including the European Patent Office, a new partner in 2013.

The ESNC is once again inviting entrepreneurs from research and industry to present value-added business applications for the emerging satellite navigation market [...]

IMPORTANT : Deadline for submission, completion or improvements of the projects has been extended until July 7th, 2013 !