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One hour webinar: How to find the right Chinese partner?

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Renginio data: 02/04 > 02/04/2013
Vieta: Bejing - Online
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In this webinar, legal expert Ludmila Hyklova will discuss common scams and how to avoid them as well as legal and financial preliminary due diligence and best practices from 9am -10am.

How can you find a suitable business partner? How can you be sure that they are reliable? Your partner does not reply to your mails? You have sent payment for the services, but later found out that the name on the invoice was different from the name on the purchase order\contract? You have been cheated by your business partner in China? If you've ever faced any of these issues when doing business in China, join our webinar and:

  • learn about the most common scams and ways to avoid falling for them;
  • understand the main aspects of preliminary due diligence, including
    • legal due diligence on the legal status of the company (duly registered, having all licences, company chop, etc.),
    • financial and operational check (creditworthiness letter, financial statements, capital verification report, on-site check, premises, etc.);
  • review best practices and a list of authorities able to provide help.

Space is limited.
Reserve your Webinar seat now at:

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