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European Pavilion at Clean Energy Expo China 2013

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Id-data tal-avveniment: 03/07 > 05/07/2013
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The EU SME Centre will offer one-on-one consultations and trainings to European SMEs in the green tech sector at the European Pavilion at the Clean Energy Expo China from July 3 to 5 2013.

Clean Energy Expo China is presenting a European Pavilion at this year’s Clean Energy Expo in collaboration with the EU SME Centre to provide a portal to the world’s largest energy market for European small and medium-sized enterprises.

In recent years, China’s clean energy industry has achieved rapid development. As of 2010, China’s installed hydropower capacity was 216GW, and total grid connected wind power was 29.58GW, accounting for about 22% and 3% of China’s total installed capacity respectively. Meanwhile, China has become the world’s most important wind, solar and other clean energy generation equipment manufacturing nation and is making a great contribution to the development of clean energy worldwide.

To simplify access to the CEEC and offer additional services to European small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the green tech sector, Clean Energy Expo China is organising a European Pavilion at this year’s show. The pavilion is open to all companies from the European Union but will offer the most value to SMEs, who will benefit from the additional services provided by the EU SME Centre directly at the pavilion. These services will consist of:

  • 1-to-1 consultations with business experts from the EU SME Centre, offering practical, trustworthy and practical advice on all aspects of market entry (fields of expertise to be confirmed);
  • Market entry workshops presented by EU SME Centre experts (topics to be confirmed

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