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Euro-Mediterranean Conference on Skills development and social dialogue in textile and clothing sector in the Euro-Mediterranean Area Paskelbta: 18/02/2013, Paskutinį kartą atnaujinta: 16/12/2013

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Renginio data: 10/04 > 11/04/2013
Vieta: Exchange Buildings
Republic Street - VLT1117 Valletta - (Malta)
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On 10-11 April 2013 in Malta, the textile and clothing sector from the Euro-Mediterranean Area will discuss how social dialogue can address skill needs.

Representatives of national administrations, industrial associations, trade union and educations centres in textile and clothing from the Euro-Mediterranean Area will:

• assess the industry's skills needs and expectations;
• debate how the national administrations can work together with social partners in solving the longstanding and growing skills mismatch;
• emphasise the creation of stable and sustainable job and business opportunities in the area.

Participants will try to answer these two key questions:

• How can we assure that available trainings and education curricula match the needs of textile and clothing companies in the Euro-Mediterranean Area?
• What can we do to enhance the skills development in the textile and clothing industry?

For the first time participants from Western Balkans are invited, too.
The event is organised with the support of the TAIEX instrument and the Malta Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Link to video: European Skills Council - Textile Clothing and Leather

For more information about the background and recent activities of the Euro-Mediterranean Dialogue on textile and clothing, please see:

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