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Fashion: where manufacturing meets creativity

The fashion industry is responsible for more than just the latest trends. Between retail outlets, manufacturers and links in the supply chain, Europe’s fashion sector accounts for hundreds of thousands of companies and millions of jobs.

The Commission is taking the necessary steps to ensure that the industry continues to thrive, including eliminating trade barriers, protecting intellectual property and facilitating entry into international markets.

The fashion industry creates a variety of clothes and accessories – but it also creates jobs. Supporting almost 850.000 companies and 5 million jobs – not to mention another 3 million jobs in the supply chain – the European fashion industry is a significant part of the economy. It forms complex and strongly interlinked value chains, from design and manufacturing to distribution and retail.

As European Commission Vice-President Antonio Tajani explains:  ‘The European fashion industries need to be given the adequate conditions to remain competitive in order to take advantage of new opportunities, such as increased internationalisation. The Commission is committed to making sure this happens’.

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