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Product Safety and Market Surveillance Package: Safer products and more fair play in the internal market Közzététel időpontja:: 13/02/2013, Utolsó frissítés: 19/02/2013

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The European Commission proposed on 13 February 2013 to improve product safety in the EU by strengthening market surveillance in the Member States. This will benefit consumers and will protect businesses from unfair competition. Today, if market surveillance is ‘softer’ in some parts of the EU than others, weak spots are created which threaten the public interest and create unfair trading conditions. Furthermore, much of the risk derives from products entering the Union from third countries. There must be effective market surveillance along the entire length of the Union’s external borders. Therefore, the new package of new enforcement rules will help national market surveillance authorities to cooperate much better to ensure equal level playing field for businesses and safer products for consumers.   To this end national authorities should also improve cooperation with their colleagues in other Member States, which will avoid double work as test results can be exchanged.

The package consists of:

  • A communication outlining the various elements of the package (COM(2013)74)
  • A proposal for a Regulation on market surveillance of products (COM(2013)75)
  • A multi-annual plan for market surveillance of products (COM(2013)76)
  • A report on the implementation of Regulation (EC) No 765/2008 (COM(2013)77)
  • A proposal for a Regulation on consumer product safety (COM(2013)78)
  • A Commission staff working document on accreditation (SWD(2013)35)
  • A Commission staff working document on market surveillance (SWD(2013)36)
  • Impact assessment and annexes (SWD(2013)33 and SWD(2013)33 Annexes)
  • Executive summary of the impact assessment (SWD(COM)34)

Documents COM and SWD(2013)34 are avaible in EU languages on

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