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EISAS Large-scale Pilot Report – collaborative awareness raising for EU citizens & SMEs Julkaistu: 13/02/2013, Viimeisin päivitys: 18/02/2013

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To continually raise the level of cyber security awareness of all citizens and businesses, the European Commission decided to promote a collaborative approach for awareness raising in Europe. Introduced in 2006, EISAS, the European Information Sharing and Alert System, aims to enhance the cooperation of Member States in their work to reach out to citizens and SMEs with relevant security information. In 2012 ENISA has run a Large Scale Pilot project. The EISAS Large Scale Pilot Report, details its successful actions, and identifies the cost-effectiveness of European awareness raising collaboration, while the EISAS Updated Roadmap foresee future actions for EISAS.

Dec 13, 2012


EISAS Large Scale pilot-final.pdf — PDF document, 1,865 kB (1,910,713 bytes)