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Experts for Horizon 2020 Advisory Groups: Call for expressions of interest Published on: 07/02/2013, Last update: 07/05/2014

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The European Commission has opened a first call for expression of interest for the Advisory Groups in Horizon 2020. The registration can only be done through the official website of the Commission:

Please be aware that you need to tick the box entitled "Inclusive, innovative and secure societies" if you are interested in security related research. Please read carefully the guide on "How to express your interest".

Please note that some of the fields are mandatory, including:

  • Personal details
  • Contact details
  • Interest in the Horizon 2020 area(s) - first section
  • Capacity

You are strongly recommended to fill in all fields to allow for a complete assessment of your profile. Please also provide a link to a website where your CV is published (if you have one), otherwise you may upload a PDF of your CV with a maximum size of 2MB.

 This call for expression will be open until 6 March 2013 at 17.00, Brussels local time (CET). Expressions of interest received after this date will be taken into account for the renewal of groups at the end of each mandate.