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Missions for Growth: EU businesses benefit from emerging markets

The world’s fastest growing economies are not in Europe. And that’s why the European Commission is committed to opening doors for European enterprises around the globe.

The Commission has sent representatives and business delegations to emerging markets in Africa, Latin America and Asia. The insights they gain will help EU SMEs capitalise on external growth – which, in turn, will spur growth here in Europe.

In an effort to help EU businesses penetrate foreign markets, the European Commission is organising missions to a number of countries with fast-growing economies. Commission Vice-President Antonio Tajani, responsible for industry and entrepreneurship, and Daniel Calleja Crespo, the Director-General of DG Enterprise and Industry as well as Europe’s Small Business Envoy, are currently visiting growth regions around the globe to help EU enterprises better profit from so-called ‘emerging markets’ in places like China, South East Asia and Latin America.

Accompanied by up to 50 representatives of European companies and industry associations, the visits are designed to help companies and SMEs internationalise their activities, and to reinforce cooperation in areas such as industrial innovation, key enabling technologies, tourism, space and access to raw materials.

Said Tajani: ‘These missions for growth help create the conditions for win-win situations. European companies benefit from easier access to external markets, while local actors and authorities have a concrete chance to lure foreign investment’.

Added Calleja: ‘There is a direct link between internationalisation and increased SME performance. International activities reinforce growth, enhance competitiveness and support the long-term sustainability of companies. Yet despite the opportunities presented by globalisation at large, European SMEs still depend largely on their domestic markets’.