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Result of Study on the feasibility of a leather labelling system at European level Arna fhoilsiú an : 01/02/2013

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The European Commission has published the results of a study on the labelling of leather products. This study aims at assessing the need and the feasibility of labelling in the field of leather products.

As the focus of this study is consumer labelling, the leather market has been limited to final consumer products liable to carry a label and the specific types of labelling covered by the study include:

• country of origin labelling
• traceability labelling
• environmental labelling
• social labelling
• authenticity (‘real leather’) labelling and
• animal species labelling

The study describes and assesses:

• the problems that a single European leather label can address;
• to which extent such a label should be accompanied by the specific forms of labelling outlined above;
• the role the EU should play in the elaboration of that labelling system;
• the costs and benefits of different levels of harmonisation of leather labelling in the EU.

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