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EU maintains its position as no.1 tourist destination in the world Pubblicato il: 01/02/2013, Ultimo aggiornamento: 05/02/2013

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The latest United Nation World Tourism Organisation Barometer indicates that international tourist arrivals to the European Union were up by 2.3% in 2012, compared to 2011 which already benefited from a significant increase (+5.1%).

In 2012 total arrivals to the European Union are estimated at 400.1 million, which means 9.2 million more than in 2011.

Europe as a whole scored 535 million international tourist arrivals. By sub-region, Central and Eastern Europe destinations (+8%) experienced the best results, followed by Western Europe (+3%). Destinations in Southern Mediterranean Europe (+2%) consolidated their excellent performance of 2011 and returned in 2012 to their normal growth rates. 

At international level, 2012 shows a positive growth in all regions, except Middle East. International tourist arrivals grew by 4% in 2012 to reach 1.035 billion. Growth is expected to continue in 2013 only slightly below the 2012 level (+3% to +4%) and in line with UNWTO long term forecast.

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