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DG Enterprise and Industry at Brussels holiday fair Publicēts: 21/01/2013

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Pasākuma datums: 31/01 > 04/02/2013
Vieta: Palais du Heysel
Brussels - (Belgium)
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From 31 January to 4 February 2013, the Directorate-General for Enterprise and Industry will present its tourism initiatives at the Brussels holiday fair.

The holiday fair will take place in the Palais du Heysel and is an important event for Belgian residents in the preparation of their annual holidays. The European Commission will use this opportunity to meet citizen and explain how Europe facilitates traveling to and around Europe.

Important elements for increasing the flow of tourists are the promotion of the low season and the diversification of the tourism offerings. The European Commission also works to improve the quality of destinations and services, for example by preparing a charter on sustainable tourism, supporting small and medium enterprises and improving the skills of workers in the tourism area.

Travelling in the European Union has become easier thanks to additional European policies, such as:

  1. The identity card for EU citizens is accepted for travel throughout the EU;
  2. Border checks have become obsolete if you travel inside the 22 European (and 4 additional non-EU)  countries of the "Schengen area";
  3. The EU visa code regulates the issuance of visas for short stays and entry without visa  for visitors from 42 countries outside the EU;
  4. Protection and consular assistance is granted by the diplomatic missions of all EU countries if you are travelling outside Europe;
  5. Passengers' rights are protected when travelling by air, rail, boat and soon coaches in case of delay or cancellation;
  6. Consumers' rights are protected in "package holidays" in the event of unilateral cancellation or change by the tour operator
  7. Roaming charges have decreased for travelers using mobile phones in an EU country;
  8. There is a European Health Insurance Card for easy access to health care services in any EU country
  9. You can obtain an EU pet passport if you travel with your dog or cat, available from any vet; and,
  10.   In case of emergencies, there is a single European emergency number: 112.

Should you attend the Brussels holiday fair, please pay a visit to the European Commission stand in palais n°5 (stand 5359).

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