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EU SME Centre infographic: Importing wine to China Data tal-pubblikazzjoni: 09/01/2013

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Besides an explanation of the individual steps necessary to import wine from the EU to China, this interactive infographic provides definitions of the main actors involved in the process, examples of necessary certificates and details about the applicable standards. Links connect this easy-to-use application to additional sources of information.

While wine consumption in most European countries is levelling out, China has again grabbed the world’s attention with the high growth of its wine market. Wine imports from China in 2010 increased 67% and 81% by volume and by value respectively from 2009.

Wine exporting countries such as France, Australia, Italy, Spain, US, Chile and South Africa have had a strong presence in China for years. New brands of different origins are finding ways into Chinese homes each year. This brief provides a quick overview of the Chinese wine market for European SMEs to make a more informed decision when entering China.

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