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CrIP Platform launched by European Commission – DG Enterprise and Industry Zveřejněno:: 07/12/2012

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European Directives, Regulations and Decisions, Harmonized European Standards, European Policies, EC Recommendations and Communications, Codes of practice and many other European and national documents: it is a huge amount of documents that a construction company should cope with to keep being updated on legislation requirements.

The website CrIP (European Construction Information Platform) is the one-stop infopoint collecting all the documents issued by European Institutions and Bodies about the construction sector. CrIP is an information platform supporting and increasing the capability of construction companies to adapt to new challenges and to be aware and take up new work methods, innovation and legislation.

This platform has been developed among a set of initiatives carried out by the European Commission, in order to enhance the international competitiveness of the construction sector on international markets, with the final aim of creating a world-competitive European economy.

In fact, CrIP is designed to be easily used and accessed by large, medium and small construction companies across Europe: nine different European languages, a comprehensive guideline for user and a description of the different available documents, the possibility to suggest and upload new documents. The website is a two way communication channel capable of linking all the relevant stakeholders of the construction sector. This web portal creates easy access to all relevant information coming from the EC and Member States, and provides a service to any external contact relating to the construction sector.

Finally, CrIP offers you also a method to look for documents related to specific topics (identified according to categories agreed among a group of experts) and enables you to refine your search by navigating among the different types of documents.


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