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Local Security Officer for the Galileo Security Monitoring Centre (GSMC LSO) (TA AD 7) Published on: 06/12/2012

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The ”GSMC Local Security Officer” assists the Heads of every GSMC Service in the discharge of their responsibility for security issues, in close relationship with GSA Local Security Officer.

The GSMC Local Security Officer's main function is to monitor the correct implementation of the Commission?s internal security rules, as laid down in the Annex to Commission Decision 2001/844/EC. The GSMC Local Security Officer is a key element in the overall security structure of the GSMC and forms an essential part of the implementation of the GSA's security policy. He/she promotes security awareness within the GSMC, acts as a first port of call on the security issues and significantly reinforces the effectiveness of the GSA's internal security controls.

In addition, the GSMC Local Security Officer is responsible of monitoring the Security of the communications infrastructure, network assets and database infrastructure of the GSMC looking for signs or marks which could be understood as internal or external violation of the system.

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