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More cooperation between Egypt and the European Union in the field of tourism

The EU-Egypt Tourism Summit took place on November 13 with the participation of major stakeholder of both sides from the public and private sector in the context of the first meeting of the Egyptian-EU Task Force meeting held in Cairo on 13-14 November 2012.

Antonio Tajani and Hatem Saleh, Minister of Industry and Foreign Trade of Egypt

The European Union renewed its commitment to support the democratic changes taking place in Egypt, and further strengthen and deepen relations with regards to the Tourism Industry.

The tourism industry is one of the main and vital contributors of the Egyptian national economy. It has been affected by the events linked to the Arab Spring and needs to be boosted again.

In this context on 13 November 2012 the Arab Republic of Egypt, represented by Hisham Zaazou, Minister of Tourism, and the European Commission, represented by Antonio Tajani, Vice-President of the European Commission, signed a Letter of Intent on the establishment of a mechanism of a regular dialogue in the field of tourism,  to be held annually at senior officials level, as well as - inter alia - exchange of best practices, support of organisation of events, identifying specific projects of partnership and recognising issues of mutual interest in the field of tourism.