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GMES: good for environment, good for jobs!

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GMES, Global Monitoring for Environment and Security, the European Commission’s earth observation programme will create 83 000 jobs in Europe by 2030.

"Ecological and economical goals can be mutually beneficial; in other words environmental sustainability and the management of natural resources can promote economic development. This GMES report confirms that European space policy will have a significant impact on economic growth and creation of jobs, as predicted by our industry communication of October 2012. European space applications will also boost innovation and create and maintain industry production in Europe."

This is the result of a study presented by European Commission Vice-President Antonio Tajani today during the London conference "European Space Solutions", an initiative of the European Commission, hosted by the UK Space Agency. GMES's primary objective is to provide information services giving access to accurate data in several environmental and security fields and tailored to users' needs.

Initial results show that GMES will stimulate economic growth and employment in a wide range of industrial sectors, and by 2030 will lead to the creation or maintenance of approximately 20 000 direct jobs in Europe, if enabling factors are put in place. With highly skilled jobs in this sector typically impacting employment in other sectors, the GMES-related economic stimulus could also result in a wider economic effect, with an additional 63 000 indirect jobs secured by 2030.

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