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Space Science and Exploration Workshop Data tal-pubblikazzjoni: 03/12/2012, L-aħħar aġġornament: 28/02/2013

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The Directorate-General for Enterprise and Industry is pleased to announce the Horizon 2020 Workshops on Space Science and Exploration.

We want to consult a representative cross-section of the European Space Research community on areas of potential interest in the next framework programme.

To ensure a balanced participation, and given the limited number of places available, a selection may have to be made amongst those expressing an interest in contributing to this debate.

These workshops constitute an additional stage to the consultation process that started with the "Hearing on Space Research in FP8", which was held on 8 December 2010, and that has continued with the recent recommendations issued by the FP7 Space Advisory Group. Since then, we have been involved in a continuous process of meeting with the major European Space representatives (Academia, Industry and Space Research Institutions).

The purpose of these workshops is to directly consult the Space Research community, so as to gather their input on the Commission's proposal for Space Research under Horizon 2020 and the corresponding implementation strategy.

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