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Space Expo in Larnaca Offentliggjort den: 31/10/2012

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Dato for arrangementet: 12/11 > 18/11/2012
Sted: Europa square
Larnaca - (Cyprus)
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Larnaca will host a new travelling exhibition which explores how space activities and applications have a direct impact on citizens' daily life.

Over 3,0000 applications rely on space technologies, which, for example,  can help to optimizie transport, increase efficiency in agriculture and fisheries, protect the environment or improve security.

After the huge success in Copenhagen, Toulouse, Helsinki and Brussels, the exhibition will be in Europe Square, Larnaca. From the 12th - 18th of November, visitors can see, touch and experience the wide range of innovative technologies and services that space offers to them. Experts will be on hand to present specific topics."

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