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Conference on the EIP on Raw Materials Published on: 30/10/2012

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Event date: 13/11/2012
Location: Hotel Bloom
Rue Royale 250, Saint-Josse-ten-Noode - 1210 Brussels - (Belgium)
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Conference on the European Innovation Partnership on Raw Materials

“We need to join forces to tap Europe's enormous own potential of raw materials. Intensified action is required to make Europe the world leader in the capabilities related to exploration, extraction, processing, recycling and substitution by 2020. It will be the key to Europe’s ability to develop today the technologies of tomorrow. Such innovation is decisive for Europe's competitiveness, sustainable growth and new jobs." (Vice-President Antonio Tajani)

The Conference will discuss the definition of the future Strategic Implementation Plan of the European Innovation Partnership on Raw Materials.

Participants will include stakeholders from all raw materials industries – governments, companies, NGOs and researchers, covering the whole value chain of raw materials (exploration, extraction, processing, recycling, downstream industries).

Conference topics:

Technology-focused policy areas
Session 1 - Exploration, extraction, processing, recycling
Addressing innovative technologies along the entire value chain for cost-effective, safe, environmentally and socially sound raw materials production (i.e. Exploration, extraction, processing, recycling).

Session 2 - Substitution, alternative functionalities and materials
Developing innovative and sustainable solutions for the appropriate substitution of critical and scarce materials. The first set of priority actions may be derived from the list of critical raw materials and from the most economically-important and ecologically-sensitive applications.

Non Technology policy areas
Session 3 - Improving Europe's raw materials regulatory framework conditions, knowledge base and infrastructure
Building and standardising geological data, identifying and exchanging best practices in defining policies for minerals, land planning and regulation thereof in the Member States. Supporting actions to promote technical excellence and skills needed in Europe.

Session 4 - Improving Europe's recycling regulatory framework conditions and excellence
Optimising the raw materials added value, improving the profitability and reducing the cost of recycling by enhancing efficiency in the collection, sorting and recycling of valuable raw materials from waste streams. Applying product, standardisation and certification policies as well as economic instruments for this aim.

Session 5 – Promoting appropriate international cooperation
Recognising the global market place of securing access to raw materials and promoting the use of environmentally friendly extraction and processing technologies, dealing with research and innovation, improving the knowledge base and policy dialogue with international organisations.