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Turismo Accessibile, una nuova sfida (Accessibillity - a new challenge for inclusive tourism ) Arna fhoilsiú an : 19/10/2012

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Dáta an imeachta : 06/11/2012
Ionad : Sant’Artemio
via Cal di Breda 116 - Treviso - (Italy)
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In spite of the steady fall in its market share over the last ten years, as a consequence of the dramatic growth of very dynamic regions like Asia and the global economic crisis, Europe continues to play a central role in the global tourism market.

This implies overcoming seasonality, providing quality services and becoming accessible to everyone, in particular to persons with disabilities, elderly or persons with reduced mobility.

"Accessible tourism" is a win-win business model, and the result of a joint commitment of both public and private stakeholders, including tourism SMEs.

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