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Youth on the Move - Conference and exhibition - Europe 2020

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Id-data tal-avveniment: 13/12 > 13/12/2012
Il-post fejn se jsir: Committee of the Regions JDE 52
Rue Belliard 99-101 - 1040 Brussels - (Belgium)
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This conference will be the first in a series of seven conferences regarding the EU flagship initiatives, which are part of the Europe 2020 Strategy. The Committee of the Regions has taken the lead to go for a bottom-up evaluation of all flagships.

We aim at an inclusive labour market, because our youth needs perspective and employment within their reach.

The conference will provide a platform for:

  • Showcasing good practice on how to fi ght youth unemployment
  • Preparing the CoR’s contribution to the mid-term assessment of the Europe 2020 strategy
  • Giving a voice to the Regions and Cities
  • Participating in ongoing debate on youth issues

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